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About Iranian Medicine Clinic

Our clinic, Iranianmedicine clinic, has achieved the first place for its physicians, assistants, social behavior and management, among all 140 different therapeutic centers who work specially on traditional medicine. This clinic consists of medical unit, assistants unit, education and investigation unit and the management unit. It commenced its work in 1995 having Dr.Mohammad Azizkhani as the chief director of the medical team. Since then we have always tried to use various kinds of Iranian traditional medicine without using any chemical drugs.

Our alleviation rate is above 70%. This clinic, its staff and its therapeutic methods are unique not only in Iran but around the world. Despite being recently established, statistically it has achieved the first place for its therapies and researches on Iranian traditional medicine, not only in the country but also around the world. Iranian medicine has many different kinds of methods and it’s not only about herbal-boils. Iranian medicine has a wide range of methods which can give the best results if used by any expert physician in its proper situation.

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