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Education and Job Experiences of Dr. Mohammad azizkhani



2011- Resident of traditional medicine "on PHD course" (Tehran University of
Medical science)

2004 Energy therapy, advanced level, Center of Health Information
and Energy Development, Italy

2003 Energy therapy, beginning level, Center of Health Information
and Energy Development, Italy

2003 Nutritional Education, Islamic medicine and traditional medicine, single
courses, Islamic Azad University of Tehran

1996 Medical Doctor, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Work experience

1999-2013 Medication by traditional medicine, Tehran

1999-2013 As a manager of ASRA clinic he accepted over 155000 patients from Iran
And the other countries, their information and medical records are available
for presentation to scientific and medical communities. This information is
very helpful for research affairs in different fields of modern and traditional

2004 Medication by Iranian and traditional medicine for one year, Middle East
(Kuwait and Dubai)

2003 Founder and manager of ASRA boarding Clinic, the first clinic in Iran
based on traditional and classical medicine

1999 Official licensed of phlebotomy, Ministry of Health and Medical Education

1997-1999 Health care service plan, depressed area, rural areas in Kurdistan province


Teaching Experience

2002-2013 preparation and codification of training DVDs and CDs for Iranian families,
based on: essential concepts of traditional medicine, effects and benefits of
Phlebotomy of adults and children, six principals of public health in Iranian
Medicine, family consolidation by marital relationships, questioning about secret
of lifespan, skin and hair health.

2002-2013 Teaching basics of Traditional and Islamic medicine, Phlebotomy,
Nutrition, Herbal treatment to more than 5500 physicians, in researches of
phlebotomy association of Iran

2009 Traditional medicine instructor, Jahad University, Qom University of Medical

2008 Traditional medicine instructor, Tehran University

2008 Traditional medicine instructor, Research institute of Medicinal herbs, Tehran
University of Medical Science.


Scientific achievement

2008 Certificate of appreciation from 4th district Tehran City Hall, as a best

2004 Certificate of appreciation from the sixth festival in medicinal herbs,
as a perfect stall of traditional medicine, Tehran City Hall.


TV shows program and interviews

2004-2012 Participation on live TV networks of Islamic Republic of Iran as a
traditional medicine specialist.
(channel one, two, three, four, five, six and channel news)

2001-2012 Varieties of interviews with publishers, magazines, Iranian daily
newspapers based on Iranian and traditional medicine such as:
Jamejam newspaper Acceptance of traditional medicine
Etemad newspaper Phlebotomy and Hepatitis B
Hamshahri newspaper Phlebotomy and Oriental medicine
Kyhan newspaper Children Phlebotomy
Atarnameh magazine Status of herbal medicine in traditional medicine
Jomhorie islami newspaper Poison and cancer on Iranian table
Rozhaye zendegi magazine Yes or No Phlebotomy?
Akhbare pzeshki magazine Herbal medicine in modern and traditional medicine
Pzeshkiye emroz magazine Phlebotomy Introduction to physical and mental health
Eghlime reza quarterly newsletter Introduction of traditional medicine masters
Kaenat newspaper Traditional medicine, Phlebotomy and Leech Therapy
Tabib magazine Food choices for temper
Khorasan newspaper Iranian medicine, Iranian question, Iranian answer
Tebe kol negar magazine Natural Calcium command

2010 Participation in medical programs on radio, as a traditional
medicine specialist.

Scientific experience

1999-2013 In ASRA clinic which is managing by Dr. AZIZKHANI, the following
actions are performed: over 1050000 fixed cupping case(dry cupping), 210000
movable cupping case, 270000 wet phlebotomy, 29000 bloodletting, 9500
treatment of leech therapy and about 32000 case of pressure therapy,
venipuncture and massage. Treatment of 900 obstetrics and gynecology case in
Iranian traditional way(a total of approximately 1700000 case manual action and
treatment activity in traditional way). These statistics in terms of its own is
unique and unprecedented and is considered a word record in the history of

2000-2013 Innovating modern methods and making creativity in treatment through
using hands in traditional medicine. Such as: synthetic cupping, topical
and professional phlebotomy.

2000-2013 Formulation of some herbal traditional medicine

1998-2013 participation in more than seventy one congress and seminars of Ministry of
Health and Medical Science University such as:

• Basics of traditional and Islamic medicine ( as a lecturer)
• Health from the view point of Prophet
• National seminar of QURANIC medicine
• International congress of traditional medicine
• International seminar of adults and teenagers psychiatry
• Allergies and Asthma
• Dermatosis and skin pigmentation
• Diagnosis and treatment of common poisoning in Iran
• Anaphylaxis

2010 Collaboration of research project “Clients’ motivation to Tehran traditional
medicine centers in compared with modern medicine centers”

2002-2010 Participation in the sessions of group working of Expediency Council (as a
traditional medicine export)

2005-2009 Software design specialist of clinics and traditional medicine offices

2002 -2008 collecting research questionnaire about 2000 patients with the title “Healing
process in treatments of traditional medicine in compared with Chemical
and classic medicine.

2006 Essay Presentation, Islamic and traditional workshop, Semnan and Damghan
Medical Science University

2006 Supervision in research project of member of panel Scientific of midwifery
and nursing faculty of Shahid beheshti Scentific University and Tehran
Islamic Azad University, “Study of the effect of phlebotomy on pain intensity
of Migraine”

2005 Participation in research project of Kharazmi Award with the title
“Phlebotomy examined treatment”

2005 Translation of two books (“nutrition in Iranian medicine” and “influences
and benefits of phlebotomy”) in Arabic and English and submitting to the
scientific centers such as : England, The united States of America, Germany
France and Kuwait

2003-2005 Compilation of three books: “nutriation of Traditional Medicine” and
“Principals of Islamic Medicine” and “Phlebotomy therapy of children
and aldoscent” (The bestseller of Traditional medicine book)

2004 Collaboration of research project of nursing master students in
Shahid Beheshti of Scientific medicine university, “Principals of infections
control in Tehran phlebotomy Centers”.

2003 Supervision in research project of Master students, Tehran University of
Teacher training, “Effect of phlebotomy on perseverance and lung
capacity among 23-30 of the university students”

2003 Established the first website in the world with the title of “Iranian Medicine”

2003 Participation in International Book Fair, first ranking in the press “ Holistic

2001 Essay presentation, First place in national seminar “backache” Shahid
Beheshti medical Science University, specialized for Orthopedics and

2001 Essay presentation, First place in sixth seminar of the research of psychiatry
and psychology of Iran, Shahid Beheshti Medical Science University,
specialized for psychiatrists, pediatricians, internal physicians.

1999 Doing research on the patients of ASRA clinic, patients’ information and the
process of their treatments and following up their results based on Semilogy and
clinical Trial in Modern Medicine.

1996-1997 Essay presentation, (with cooperation of Dr. Keihanidoust associate Professor
in pediatric neurology of Department of Pediatrics in Emam Khomeini Hospital)


Membership of organizations

2004 Panel member of authors of the academy of medical Science of Iran

2003 The member of Science and Islamic medicine, Qom.

2000-2001 The member of policy making council of phlebotomy Research Institute of


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