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Iranian Medicine

Introducing Iranian medicine

Iranian medicine was brought out from Greek medicine, which was established by Boghrat and Jalinus, by Iranian physicians who studied Greek medicine thoroughly and by no means followed it blindly and they even started correcting its impairments.
From the famous Iranian physicians we can name Rasis, Avicenna, Ahvazi, Aghili-e-Khorasani and Akhovini whose significant scientific services and enormous books brought the complicated mixed Greek medicine in order, and theoretical medicine was then turned to experimental and practical medicine. It was the time when Disease Science (Elm-al-Amraz), was established, which is about finding the main cause of the diseases, and was never thought about in Greek medicine.

In the fourth century Shahpour-e-aval, from the Sasanian kingdom, established the scientific town called Jondi-Shapour and established the first academic medical education system in the world by inviting all Iranian and Greek physicians and establishing the Jondi Shapour hospital which was managed by the Iranian physicians.
This was in coincidence with the presence of the holy prophet of islam and the continuing of their lead by our innocent leaders. Medical and therapeutic prescriptions of our holy prophet were a reliable supplement to complete and confirm Iranian medicine. This was the time when Iranian and Islamic medicine combined with each other.
Talking about great Iranian physicians and their enormous capabilities needs a considerable amount of time, and here we only point out to some small examples:
Avicenna’s book, “Qanoon”, was taught over 700 years in European medical universities and it was translated to more than eighty different languages.
1100 years ago Rasis set up a hospital in Ray. Medicine was taught to physicians just like today’s education systems and many sick people from around the world traveled to Iran and the city of Ray in order to be cured.
Totally about 7000 medical reference books were compiled on Iranian medicine. Regrettably only about 1400 of these compiles exist in Iran and the others are kept in Europe and America, which are still used scientifically and in researches. Unluckily these are in one print only and therefore we are deprived from using them. As a matter of fact the main structure of today’s new medicine was built by Iranian physicians, even though there is no sign of them or there names in European and American medical books.

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